Portfolio of Topics






“World’s Greatest LSD Bust” Parts One & Two

A Humorous insight into a Criminal Trial


An Audience with Dai Davies, Former Head of Royal Protection 

Contemporary policing in the UK



Crime Thriller - True Stories of Murder Investigations

Doing the Right Thing - Famous Whistleblowers

Famous Criminal trials at the Old Bailey

Gangs: Past and present

Historical accounts of how the British Monarchy have been subjected to attacks and incidents
Jack The Ripper

Life as a Victorian Bobby

My Career as Firefighter

Policing in a Middle East Setting

Policing in the 1970s – Rising to the Top

Princess Diana: The People's Princess & The Conspiracy Theories Unravelled

Problem of Fraud
Protecting Tony Blair & Margaret Thatcher

Psychology of Serial Killers

Royalty Protection - Scotland Yard's  Specialist Protection Command
Stonehenge Illegal Pop festival

Story of Fingerprints

Tackling Serious & Organised Crime - The Elliott Ness Approach
The Fifth Man: an examination of Cambridge University’s International Spy Ring
The Homicide Detective

The Hunt for the Killer Raoul Moat - A First Hand Account
The Sweeney -Real Life Tales

The World of Fraud

Undercover Investigations - Serious & Organised Crime

Watching the Detectives: Cops on TV

'Why me' – On the Front Line of a Riot








Apollo Explorers

Astronomy - An Introduction






Astronomy: A selection of fascinating talks, with excellent illustrationss

Aurora Borealis: The Northern Lights




Balanced Living: The Mind-Body-Spirit Link




Bottoms Up: What We Drink and Why We Drink It



Calcutta, past and present - the jewel in Queen Victoria's empire

Collecting Swarovski Crystal





Cruising with Christie…What Agatha Christie's Characters would have worn

Designing the Perfect Garden





Do not go gentle into that good night: The life (and death) of Dylan Thomas, National Poet of Wales

Elvis Presley - the rise and fall of the King

Emma, Lady Hamilton

Enemies of Rome






English National Parks: the Jewels in the Crown



Entertaining Stories from the world of High Finance



Evolution of Beer Steins





Fascinating World of Commemorative Plaques



Fourth Estate: a history of the UK’s newspapers



From the Amazon to Bourneville – The history of chocolate and Cadburys 

Fun Fairs: A Historical Perspective




Gem stones & precious metals – their origins and use in jewellery

Ghostly Galleons... True Tales of Haunted Vessels



God, Gold and Glory: The Exploration of South & Central America

Goldsmithing - An Introduction

Gold Trade - 50 years Experience


Great Actors






Great British Entertainers





Great Britons






Great Cities of the Ancient World




Great Entertainers

Great Klondike Gold Rush






Great News Stories - By the former Editor in Chief of Britain's largest Regional newspapers

Hey Diddle Diddle - The History & Meaning of Nursery Rhymes 


History of Ancient Egypt, Rome, Greece




History of Broadcasting​





History of Names






History of the Eurovision Song Contest

History of  the Human body in classical  Western Art

How to feel comfortable in any group situation

Importance of being Oscar: the trial of Oscar Wilde



Italian Lovers, German Mechanics, French Gourmands  - Cultural Stereotypes,  Fact or Fiction?

James  Bond – The Ultimate Action Hero 




Jerusalem: William Blake and England

Leonardo da Vinci- Anatomist - inside his mind- inside the body

Leonardo Da Vinci –“A 15th-century artist whose  concepts & ideas  anticipated  21st-century Radiology

Life & Times of Winston Churchill




Lives of Laughter






Lost Treasure Ships






Mallory of Everest

Meanings of Words, Sayings and Rhymes






Memoirs of a Globetrotting Travel Writer




Memoirs of a Newspaper Hack





Murder Mystery Nights





Music of James Bond

Panama Canal




People Watching - Observing and Learning from Human Behaviour

Photography - a Selection of fascinating & Helpful Presentations

Poets & Poetry






Poets, Pirates and Pioneers... Interesting voyages and voyagers


Pompeii and Herculaneum

Orkney Vikings – St Magnus Cathedral, Britain’s most northerly cathedral founded in 1137AD





Real Pirates of the Caribbean





Ringing the changes – Church bell ringing, with hand bell demonstrations (try it yourself!)

Rise and Fall of Music Hall and Variety

Robert Burns, Scotland’s imortal bard




Rome: Heroes & Villains





Rose City of Petra

Royal Scandals






Secret Scandals of The Rich and Famous




Secrets of Live Radio and Television




Seven Wonders of the World, Ancient and Modern

Skara Brae – 5000 year old Neolithic village. Best preserved village in Northwest Europe



Smelling Nice & Looking Good – the history of cosmetics and personal hygiene

Stately Ghosts of England​





Story of Food: What We Eat and Why We Eat It

Sweet Peas – The Queen of the summer flowers

Testosterone-driven Hurricanes



The Oregon Trail






The Painter's Life   (inc. Monet;Turner;Toulouse-Lautrec


The Russians Are Coming (The Cold War)




The Singer's Singer - Matt Monro by his Daughter



The wonderful working sheepdog”

A Tour around the Human Body – fun & facts




Tourism in the Ancient World





Travel Photography

The Treasures of the Mary Rose – A Tudor Time Capsule






Understanding social media





Understanding Yoga and Ayurveda  - India's model of health and well-being

Vesalius and Titian’s boys are the first “Evidence –based  doctors” A renaissance quantum leap that benefits us all today

Vikings & Norse Mythology 

Why do some Musicals work – but others flop?



Wordsworth, Coleridge and the Lake District: Revolutionary Tourists

World's Finest Gardens





“Your mummy told you not to talk to strangers!” - a humorous look at how to talk to strangers in any social setting​

Your Need More than a Pair of Sandals… Safe Ashore


































































Amelia Earhart

Cold War in Germany

Crimean War & Charge of the Light Brigade

Flying an Air Ambulance

Gallipoli Campaign 1915

Helicopter Flying - How Not To Do It, a Survivor's Perspective

Hot Air Ballon Flighting


Household Cavalry



Humanity on the Battlefield, the Story of the Red Cross

Humorous Talk about Household Cavalry

Stories of an Airline Captain


The British Army on the Somme

The History of the RAF, 1918 to 1939; Empire Air Policing.

The Life and Times of T.E. Lawrence, Lawrence of Arabia

The Tudors




World War One Centenary Talks - Talks covering many aspects of 'The War to End all Wars' inc The Somme, Snipers of WW1, A Soldier's Life in the Trenches, The War Poets


























A Hard Days work – 21st October 1805. The Battle of Trafalgar

Attention all shipping – the mysteries of the Shipping forecast

Captain James Cook RN

Heroes - Drake, Napoleon, Wellington and Marlborough

History of Scapa Flow - British Fleet base in WWI and WWII

Hospital Ships in the First World War and Second World War

How your cruise ship is navigated

Life & Times of Lord Nelson - a Seaman's Perspective of a Hero

Life Below Decks in the Royal Yacht Britannia

Life in A Submarine - Stories from a Submarine Officer

The Mary Rose – Discovery, Recovery and Conservation

Mutiny on the Bounty

My 37 Years in the Royal Naval Reserve

Naval Language & Naval Slang

Nelson the Man


RNLI, its history and roles today

RNLI – 190 Years of Life Saving

Scott & Shackleton

Scuttling of the German High Seas Fleet


Tall Ships, the golden age of sail

The Battle of Jutland


The Falklands Air War 1982

The golden years of  British ferries

The Treasures of the Mary Rose – A Tudor Time Capsule

Evolution of Cruising











Australia & New Zealand

Atlantic Coast: Ireland, france, Spain, Portugal, Canaries, Azores, Maderia, Cape Verde

Baltic including St Petersburg

British Isles



Hong Kong, Singapore, Bangkok

Iceland and Norway



Mediterranean: Gibraltar, Spain, S. France, Italy (Venice), Adriatic, Sicily, Greece, Egypt, Middle East, N. Africa




How to Prepare & Deliver a Speech

Master of the Toast From Ancient Greece to Caeser's Palace - The Redcoats are coming!

Protocol & Tradition

Social Behaviour & British Etiqutte

Tales of a Lady Toastmaste

The City of London, Beadles & Livery Companies

Toastmastering - A What?

A Toastmaster's Anecdotes

Traditions of a British Toastmaster

What is it About Champagne?










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