Tony joined the Police in 1993 at the age of 38. He had previously been a fire fighter for with Kent Fire & Rescue Service. He has worked serving the public for 30 years and recently retired. He qualified as a Detective in 1998.


He has been investigating computer crime for 15 years. His role within the Hi Tech Crime Unit was Advanced Network Investigator.


He has worked alongside some of the leading forensic experts such as Professor Tony Sammes from Cranfield University and felt quite comfortably with investigation and winning crown court cases at this level.


He is also a qualified trainer in the area of Advanced Investigate Interviewing Skills and teaches Interview skills to investigators both in the police service and the private sector.


In March 2014 until retirement in September 2015 he was seconded to the College of Policing as National Cybercrime Coordinator for Mainstreaming Cybercrime Training. This was a Cabinet Office project run in conjunction with the Home Office.


Tony has played a major part in several BBC TV documentaries on Identity Theft and has many amusing and interesting stories to tell, that culminate from over 30 years of dealing with the general public. 




  •  Cops and Computers”

    • History of the Internet

      •   How the internet has Changed Our Lives


  •  “Bless This House”     

    • Internet safety In the Home

      • You Locked Your Home before You left?


  •  “Texts, tweets and stalkings”

    •  Social Media

      • How to Stay Safe Online 


  • Someone Stole Me”        

    •   Identity Theft 

      • You are next to be hacked


  •  “Hunting the Internet hackers”   

    • Hacking Cases

      •  Take Him Down


  •  “Surfing safely workshops”         

    • Surfing practicals

      •  How Do You Become a Safe Surfer?



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