Ex Merchant Navy Radio Officer, British Telecommuniocations Manager. Longserving Royal Navy Reserve service and active Royal National Lifeboat Institute Sea Safety volunteer. From short service as a Radio Officer with Marconi Marine, Terry took an opportunity to come ashore early when he joined British Telecom in 1967.

In BT he undertook a number of planning and service roles. Retired as the Senior Manager responsible for the companies International Operator Service in the 1990's, 3000 staff. For over 30 years had a parallel career as a Naval Reservist, covering the naval control of shipping in an emergency, to operational duties at Maritime Headquarters.  Retired as a Lieutenant Commander.


  • Trinity House

Seafarers' charity to leading lighthouse authority. 500 years of service to the mariner

Cruises in UK waters


  • What’s in a name?

A lighter hearted look at the process for changing a ship's name


  • Tall Ships

Logs to racing greyhounds to present day character building

Norway & Baltic approaches


  • First World War in the North Sea Inc Battle of Jutland

The fleets build up, skirmishes leading to Jutland and some consequences in WWII and the Cold War

North Sea cruises especially on route to the Baltic


  • Nelson Today, Nelson in Context

How his early years honed his skills leading to Trafalgar and an overview of the Battle

Off south west coast of Spain and Portugal


  • Nelson at Copenhagen

The lead up to the battle and preset day landmarks

Entry to Baltic and destination Copenhagen


  • Cochrane

His life and times. A real life adventurer and role model for fiction writers

South American waters or Mediterranean


  • Kiel Canal

The Kaiser's back door to modern short cut

Cruising through the canal


  • HMS Ganges - Boys Naval training 1861 to 1976

High standards, sound foundation and knowledge or sheer brutality?

Cruises leaving Harwich


  • Nautical Language and naval slang

Explores the influence on today’s English Language


  • Naval Activity in Norway 1939 to 1945

Cruising in Norway


  • The Roll and History of the RNLI

The charity that saves lives at sea

UK port departure


  • The Clock is ticking

A typical North Sea Rescue and photos of some recent call outs

Arrival soon in a UK port


  • Deep Sea Submarine Cables

The effect of telegraphy cables had on commerce and the Empire. Reflections from an International Telecom’s Manager

UK waters

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