Susan Dolan is a Google Expert based in Manchester. She had the privilege of living and working in Seattle in 1999 where she witnessed the explosion of the World Wide Web and the birth of Google literally from the start. Fortunate to have benefited from the initial seminars and lectures given by Sergey Brin, Larry Page, Eric Schmidt of Google and Marissa Mayer at Stanford University, Susan became passionate about the internet, search engine optimisation and social media. Susan and her team have advised many clients including Russell Grant, the Astrologer, Greater Manchester Police, Macmillan Cancer, CAFOD and Probability TV on both social media and securing permanent Page 1 SERPs on Google, Bing and Yahoo!


Susan delivers Google SEO and Social Media Seminars at both public and private events in the UK in conjunction with Online Mechanics and Manchester Academy. Susan is a guest writer for many on and offline business publications such as Social Media Today, The Entrepreneur Magazine, Showcasing Women, Social Media Experts and Network She.


Having travelled the world extensively while studying the maths behind the world’s biggest search engine, Susan is happy to share the hidden secrets behind Google in plain and simple English that anyone will be able to understand how to get to the top of Google and most importantly how to stay there!





The Internet and Google

How the Internet began and why Google was born.


Google Search Engine Optimisation

How to get to the top of the Google natural search results and more importantly stay there!


Social Media Psychology

Learn the psychology marketing differences between LinkedIn, Facebook, Google Plus and Twitter and how to utilise better for business.


Twitter for Business

Learn how to fully utilise Twitter for business without the procrastination and learn the true value of the # hashtag for business marketing. "If you don't get somewhat automated you will get left behind."


Search Engine Optimisation and Social Media

Find out how the Google algorithm has changed to incorporate social media indicators. How what we say and do on social media websites affects the search engine results.


Tweeting to a connected world on Twitter

How Twitter has and why it will continue to change the world in 140 characters.


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