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Stephen (Steve) Williams- Retired Fire and Rescue Service Officer Steve Williams is an ex Fire and Rescue Service senior officer, whose career saw him serve in predominantly operational rolls in a number of Fire and Rescue services in the UK. As with all firefighters, he joined as a firefighter, serving at busy city Fire stations, before moving, through promotion, to a coastal Fire service, commanding a Fire boat in the North Sea for two years. Further promotions and a move to Rural Firefighting role followed. In 2004 Steve was seconded to the United States of America in the post 9/11 to undertake specialist training in Urban Search and rescue, in preparation for a possible attack on the UK mainland. Returning to the UK, and preparing the Service for the possible consequences of a terror attack Steve was then seconded to the Fire research Establishment, researching, the impact of extreme heat and humidity on Firefighters. Returning, on Promotion, Steve was appointed Divisional Commander, responsible for the safety of some 158000 people. On leaving the Fire Service, Steve’s focus switched to education, having gained a post graduate certificate in Education at Bath University, Steve’s great interest centred on the First World War, and he has become a “specialist” teacher focusing on the Great War. He is in great demand in both Schools, museums History centres, and as an after dinner speaker, and appeared in the highly acclaimed BBC series Downton Abbey. Steve, runs his own business, focussing on World War one studies, which includes visits to the Battlefields of the First World War, Steve is also member of the Guild of Battlefield guides.




World War One related:-


1.A Soldiers life in the trenches ( The men , their equipment, life and death)

2.Snipers of the Great war ( How the Allies gained ascendency over the better equipped and prepared Germans)

3.The Court Marshalls of WW1 ( Highly controversial !!!)

4.Air combat above the Trenches ( The beginning and end of an era)

5. The Battle of the Somme….


World War Two:-


6.The Battle for Crete

7.Malta…the Gallant defence




8.1666, The great fire of London

9. Firefighting 2000 years




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