Professor Shaun Holt lectures at Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand, has started two clinical trials organizations and formed Research Review, a company that produce reviews of medical research. Shaun holds Pharmacy and Medicine degrees, has been the Principal Investigator in over 50 clinical trials and has over 120 publications in the medical literature. He is the Scientific Director and a founder of HoneyLab, and an advisor to the Asthma Foundation, Natural Products NZ and several pharmaceutical companies. Shaun has been a regular contributor on TV1's Breakfast programme and national radio shows and is the author of 6 books including the bestseller "Natural Remedies That Really Work". More info at




1. Plants that heal, plants that harm

Growing in your garden are plants that have been used for centuries to heal us and improve our health...aloe, chamomile, cranberry, feverfew, to name just a few. Others can harm or even kill you, such as oleander, ivy and hemlock. This presentation will appeal both to gardeners and those interested in health.


2. Churchills' ills

Churchill survived multiple health scares to become one of the world's greatest leaders.  Crashed a plane,thrown from a camel and survived an attempt to throw him under a train....all whilst he was in his thirties!


3. The dose makes the poison

This is what Paracelsus said....common substances such as water and oxygen can be fatal if the dose is too high, whereas potent toxins can have medical properties at very low doses. This talk explores how a decimal point can make the difference between life and death.


4. Travel sicknesses

Travelling long distances by air, sea or land has led to many illnesses over the centuries. This talk describes the history of medical problems associated with travel, and more contemporary illnesses, and covers both the diseases and the cures.


5. Medicines / drugs

A fine line between pharmaceutical medicines and illegal drugs. Steroids and opiates, to name just two, can be classified either way depending on when and how they are used. The history, the law and the positives and negatives of substances like these are discussed.




6. Medicines from the Hive - the medical uses of honey and bee venom


7. Natural Products and Therapies: which work, which don't....and how to tell the difference.


8. Remarkable Research - important and fascinating recent medical studies


9. From Test Tube to Prescription - where new medicines come from


10. Alternative Medicine: weird & extreme healthcare practices




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