Ronald D. Largent



Ron Largent is a retired businessman, corporate management consultant - trainer, professional speaker, college professor, active cruise line lecturer (destinations and special subjects), and an enthusiastic traveler having worked, lived, or travelled in over 60 countries. Following college graduation (University of California) he was an officer in the Air Force retiring as a Reserve Colonel; attended graduate school at the Air War College (International Relations); was a development manager for an international agency; and led “business to business” trips to China. He makes regular presentations at civic clubs, travel interest groups, and colleges on the Caribbean, the Mediterranean, Australia, China, and Asia.


  • Destination

    • ​Presenting historic and current information on upcoming Ports, Cities, Countries, and Areas (Mediterranean, Northern Europe, England, Australia, Asia, Caribbean, South America). Lectures include historical, cultural, and tourist “high lights” that will enhance the visit to the area, with practical “do’s and don’ts”, tourist tips, and interesting trivia…as 40 minutes allow.

  • Enrichment

    • European History Overview

      • The Greeks and Persia

      • The Beginning of Western Civilization

      • The Roman Empire

      • The Christian World

      • Turkey (Ottoman), and Middle East

      • The Hapsburg Dynasty

      • National Monarchies

      • Russia and Eastern Europe

      • British Empire

      • Europe Today

    • World Geography

      • The Charisma of the Caribbean

      • The Magic of the Mediterranean

      • The Vikings Changed the World

      •  The Victorious Vikings

      • Why is Down Under Now On Top

      • The World is Flat and Getting Flatter

    •  The Caribbean

      • History from the 15th Century (Christopher Columbus)

      • Colonial Era (Clash of Cultures)

      • The War Era

      • The Slavery Era and Folklore

      • Modern History from the late 1800’s

      • Culture and Music from the 1900’s (WW I; WW II)

      • The Big Islands and the Economy

      • The Advent of Tourism and the Result

      • The Ports of Call by Cruise Ships

      • Current Economies and Current Culture

      • Cuba….as it is Today!

    • Music Anthology

      • Frank Sinatra Songbook…. From Hoboken to Hollywood…. a look at how Frank got there, and what he did when he got there.

      • Tony Bennett Sings…. Is his heart still in San Francisco?  His life, his loves, and his “thing” with Lady Gaga.

      • Beethoven to the Beatles…. What were the changes and why? Who were the Beatles before Ed Sullivan?

      • History of Jazz…. did Louie Armstrong start the movement? Is Jazz still around?

      • Music in Europe…. How did it begin? Bach, Mozart, or the piano guys?

      • It’s a Small World…. when it comes to music. The worldwide language.

      • Barry, Barbara, Katy, Lady Gaga, and the Gershwin’s        5 styles and 5 winners? (Manilow, Streisand, Perry, Lady Gaga, and the Gershwin’s’)

    •  Miscellaneous Topics

      • A quick look at why Pro Sports are so profitable. What does it cost to go to an NFL game?  Hot dogs are not cheap. What drives the industry?

      • There is more in Brazil than the Bossa Nova. Unbelievable economy and totally self-sufficient. What is driving Brazil?

      • How big is China? How those shoe strings in Walmart made in China got to Las Vegas. Will it ever end?

      • US Agriculture…are we feeding the world? From peaches in Georgia to Walnuts in California…it all shows up in Singapore and Spain.

      • Who was in England before Downton Abbey?   A brief look at the British Dynasty’s, from the Windsor’s to Megan. What’s Different?

      • Is the World Economy a World Economy?  What do we see, and why? Lumber from New Zealand ends up in Tokyo to build the Olympics…. how does this happen?

      • Royalty in Europe…. The History, The Glory, The Greatness. What Happened?

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