​One of the longest serving regional newspaper editors in the UK – over 12 years as editor-in-chief of the Manchester Evening News – joined paper in 1975 , left 2009. President of the UK Society of Editors in 2007. Now , Partner in media/PR company Essential Communications and Media based in Bury. Partner in Gordon Burns Partnership, media strategy. Non exec on NHS Greater Manchester Vice chairman of Bury Clinical Commissioning Group ( replacing PCT). Former Press Complaints Commissioner for four years. Former member of the Defence Print, Broadcast Advisory Committee. Non-exec on MIDAS, business investment agency for Greater Manchester to October 2010. Ex Chairman NHS Bury. Ex independent governor University of Bolton. Board member for fund-raising committee for Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital. Ex Board member Our Life improving health and well-being in North West. Tatton Charitable Trust (Tatton Park, Knutsford) board trustee.




  • Destination Speaker

  • 1  “ An Editor’s Tale “  a long serving editor’s insider story of how the media operates with historical photos and videos clips about  newspapers , television and radio – and now the 24 hour cycle of “ breaking news “

  • 2  “ A Funny Thing Happened in the Newsroom “  how a newspaper climbed Mount Kilimanjaro and reported from the summit – plus headline howlers from around the world.

  • 3  “ Crimes That Shook Britain “    The story of the Moors Murders and how a newspaper broke the news of “ Doctor Death “ , Harold Shipman, Britain’s biggest serial killer.

  • 4  “ Publish And Be Damned “  the consequences of a major news story – how terrorists wreaked havoc in a city.

  • And a host of stories with full PowerPoint presentation including meeting the first man on the Moon , celebrity anecdotes , the nightmares of TV newsreaders, political intrigue, and behind the scenes in a major newspaper.

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