Pat Osborne



Pat is a retired Civil Service manager who loves travel, reading and art.



  • The Brontës benind closed doors - All the scandal!                                                         

  • Beatrix Potter - The delightful life story of the creator of Peter Rabbit     

  • Clarice Cliff - Genius or just in the right place at the right time?                

  • Evita - The life story of Eva Peron                                                            

  • Lady Randy (Winston Churchill's Mother ) - The story of Lady Randolph Churchill, her influence on Winston, her hedonistic lifestyle and over 200 lovers!  

  • The Secret Life of Charles Dickens - The story of Dickens’ thirteen year love affair with a young actress.                              

  • The Life of L. S. Lowry - The story of the sad and complex life of the artist L. S. Lowry

  • Georgiana, Duchess of Devonshire - Georgiana's life in Regency England and her influence on society and fashion in the 18th century.                                                    

  • The Mysterious Life of Agatha Christie - The story of Agatha's life and how she was let down by both her husbands.                                                               

  • Queen Victoria, some surprising and lesser known facts!  - Victoria's relationships with John Brown, her Highland servant, and Abdul Karim, her Hindustani tutor. 

  • The life of author Catherine Cookson - From an early life of abject poverty to becoming a multi-millionairess                             

  • The life of Sir Norman Wisdom - The funny man who found fame through the cinema but could not find happiness at home with eithier of his two wives   

  • Lewis Carroll and the real Alice - The story of how Charles Dodgson's friendship with Alice Liddell (the little girl who inspired "Alice in Wonderland") and her family led to his greatest commercial  success.                                                 

  • The life of Tutankhamun and the story of Howard Carter - Carter's discovery of Tutankhamun's tomb, causing Egyptomania.                                                   

  • Princess Margaret, the bohemian princess - The story of Queen Elizabeth's younger sister. 

  • What the Butler saw! - The story of Paul Burrell and his years as butler to Princess Diana.             

  • Rasputin – the truth - He wasn't mad and he wasn't a monk.  The story of how a peasant charmed his way into the confidence of the Russian Tsar and his wife.


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