Throughout my successful career I have met and worked with some interesting people, travelled to exciting places, and have many fascinating stories to tell.


I spent most of my working career in the textile industry. I eventually became the Sales Director of a division, of Britain’s largest Household Textile Company! I started my own company, in order to source this type of product, for sale to the UK market. 

When I retired my family and friends persuaded me to write a book which would include all my many tales.  It was going to been entitled, my being born in Dublin, ‘The Recollections of a Very Curious and Garrulous Irishman’

  I am on the committee of various clubs and organisations, who asked me, whilst I was preparing my book, if I would like to tell their members, some of the stories.  These talks were very well received, and enjoyed by my audiences.   So instead of becoming an Author, by default I became a Speaker  I have many passions in life including art, history, architecture, literature and travel.These topics all occur within my series of talks.

I look forward very much to seeing you on board!




The Vikings – Britain’s Ancestors?


Pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela                                                 


Past Times in West Yorkshire


Celebrating Yorkshire !


Unexpected Stories from History   


London and its Curiosities


Amazing Structures From Around the World


Yarns from the Textile Trade                                  


To Coin a Phrase – or – Why Do We Say That


Deciphering the Dictionary - Part one


Deciphering the Dictionary - Part two


Dead Interesting? – Stories from Graveyards Around the World


Exciting Inventions!


Some Famous Freemasons!


The Story of the Shriners - Putting FUN into FUN-draising 

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