Over my working life I have been a Draughtsman for 6 years designing Pneumatic conveying systems (Industrial vacuum cleaners), a private in the Territorial Army (The Parachute Regiment) for 2 years, a fire fighter rising to the rank of watch commander and a fire investigator. I retired from the Fire Service having completed 30 years in November 2012. During my career I have attended a number of high profile incidents as a fire fighter. Some of these being the Manchester Bomb and the Strangeways riot.

During my last 5 years in the Fire Service I was part of a high profile and dedicated team of 6 fire investigators with Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service. My role within this unit was to investigate all fatal and near fatal fire incidents, major fires, explosions and any requests by the Police (Arson). I have investigated over 500 fire incidents and been the primary investigator in 380 fire incidents. Some of these incidents and data are highlighted in my presentations.


  • My Career as a fire fighter and investigator

  • The Fire Investigation and Team

  • Working Dogs within the Fire Service

  • Fire Scene Investigations

  • A look at the Fire Engine and attending a fire

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