Served in the Wiltshire Constabulary for 10 years. Degree at the University of London, specialising in the Roman period. After graduation spent the next 30 years working within the archaeological, educational and museums fields. I have lectured widely to adults in the UK, Europe and North Africa. After retirement in 2010 from the post of Manager/Curator I have been working as a part-time guide and tour manager for travel companies in the UK and Europe. I have also written and published four books on history and have appeared on TV, Radio 4 and have made numerous local radio broadcast. Winner of the Bryan Clauson University Prize for Outstanding Roman Scholar 1983.​



  • Viking Trade and English Settlements

  • Vikings versus King Alfred the Great

  • Ancient Egypt Lost and Found

  • Origins of Egypt

  • Great Cities of the Ancient World I - Marvels of Ancient Rome

  • Great Cities of the Ancient World II - Pompeii and Herculaneum

  • Great Cities of the Ancient World III - The Golden Age of Athens

  • Great Cities of the Ancient World IV - Petra and the Nabateans

  • Great Cities of the Ancient World V - Greeks and Romans in Sicily

  • Great Cities of the Ancient World VI - Rome in Africa

  • Great Cities of the Ancient World VII - Ephesus, Troy and Pergamum

  • A Day in the Life of Ancient Rome

  • Seven Wonders of the Ancient World

  • Romans on the Rhine

  • An Archaeologist's Life

  • The Archaeological Story of London

  • The Story of Stonehenge

  • An Introduction to Hadrian's Wall

  • Celts and Romans in Wales

  • Life and Times of the Vikings

  • Introduction to the Incas, Maya and Aztecs

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