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Recently relocated from Sydney Australia to the UK,  Lisa Phillips is a highly sought after professional speaker, confidence coach and wellness expert.   A regular guest on TV and Radio she is also the author of 'The Confidence Coach' book.   Lisa's work has been featured extensively in a wide range of international business and lifestyle magazines.

Lisa has a unique ability to engage audiences of all ages and backgrounds having them laughing while learning!  Her warmth and excellent rapport makes Lisa stand out from other professionals in her field. Her work extremely popular with audiences all over the world and after attending her presentations attendees have said:

Prior to launching Amazing Coaching in 2000, Lisa held Senior Management positions in several large multinational organisations across the world.  She has also lived and worked extensively in Asia, North America, Australasia and Europe.    She has also been engaged as an Enrichment Speaker on Celebrity, Royal Caribbean Cruises and Princess Cruises since 2015.


  • Learn to build confidence in less than 1 minute a day

    • Have you always wished you had more confidence?  Join Confidence Coach Lisa Phillips as she shares her simple tips to give your confidence a well-deserved boost! 

  •  Don't worry - be happy!

    • Are you someone who lies awake at night worrying about what could go wrong?  Discover how you can let go of your worrying thoughts easily and grab a good night's sleep.

  •  Make yourself Happy!

    • It's easy to feel happy when you are on holiday but often we lose that happy feeling once we get back home and to work.  Discover how you can tune in to that happiness frequency each day and feel like you are on a cruise every day of the year.

  • How to be Your Own Best Friend

    • We often treat other people than we treat ourselves.  Discover in just a few simple steps how you can become your own best friend instead of your own worst enemy. 

  • Manage your stress ( before it manages you)

    • We all suffer from stress at one point in our lives but what can you do when life gets all too much?  Discover how to take control of stress, let go of the small stuff and become a more relaxed and chilled person.

  • How to become a more positive person.

    • Are you a glass half empty sort of person?   Do you struggle with negative thoughts and often fear the worst will happen?  Discover how to train your mind to look on the bright side! 

  • How to be a more resilient person.

    • Do you feel  life is like one big roller coaster of emotion?  In this seminar, learn how to become a more resilient person and bounce back from life's setbacks.

  •  How to have a more confident career.  

    • Do you struggle at job interviews or dream of a change of career? In this workshop, discover how to tap into being a more confident person, find your purpose in life and take responsibility for your own career.

  •  How to have a more confident relationship.  

  • Whether you are single, dating someone new or have been married for many years,  this workshop will assist you  to have a more confident relationship with yourself, or your significant other!

  •  Relaxation Techniques.  

    • Discover the  wide benefits of relaxation and find a technique which works for you in this fun ( and relaxing!) workshop.

  • Morning Motivation. 

    • Do you have to drag yourself out of bed each morning? Discover how to set yourself up for a great day - every day!

  •  Goal Setting Techniques

    • Have you ever set a goal in your life?  Goal setting is a great technique that you can use in any area of your life.  In this seminar,  Lisa Phillips will share with you her goal setting process and some important tips to keep you on track to achieving your personal goals. 

  •  Assertiveness Skills.  

    • Do you avoid conflict like the plague or have the ' disease to please'?  Discover what may be stopping you from being a more assertive person and how to become a courageous communicator! 

  • Empowerment vs. Disempowerment

    • Are you taking a back seat in your life?  Do you have dreams that you haven't yet achieved and often find excuses not to take action?  If so, it's time to get into the driving seat of your own life and become a more empowered person.

  • Confident Body Image.

    • We really are our own worst enemies when it comes to our body image.   In this workshop, learn how to view yourself and your body in a different light and start to be your body's best cheerleader!

  •  The Law of Attraction

    • Since the launch of ' The Secret' on TV,  people have been talking about The Law of Attraction.   If you would like to find out more about what this means and how to apply it in your life,  come along to this fun seminar.

  •  Take Control of Your Self Talk!

    • We repeat 92% of our thoughts every day and over 88% of these are negative! Learn how to change what you experience in life, by changing what types of thoughts you think.

  •  Be a more Confidence Public Speaker

    • It has been said that people fear Public Speaking more than Death! However, it can be something you learn to enjoy, rather than avoid.  Come along to this workshop and pick up some top tips on how to be a confident public speaker.

  •  Introduction to Meditation

    • Have you ever tried meditation?  Come along to this seminar today to find out more about the benefits of meditation and how you can learn to incorporate meditation techniques into your own life.

  •  Introduction to Visualisation

    • Science is showing that if we think it, we can achieve it! Sporting Personalities have been using visualisation techniques for years with great benefits. Come along to this seminar today and learn about the different types of visualisation techniques and how you can use them in your own life.


"The best speaker I have come across'​

'​'The feedback we received from Lisa's session was rated as one of the highest we have ever had'

"Passionate and Engaging, Loved it!"​



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