A former police Chief Superintendent with a distinguished career in specialist policing operations involving firearms and major incidents. Keith was commended for his work in developing armed policing nationally, reducing road deaths to an all time low, whilst also receiving the Public Servant of the Year Award in 2005. During his early years Keith was promoted the youngest sergeant and Inspector in South Yorkshire and worked across all of the major towns and cities in the county. Keith draws the material for his lectures from his own specialist knowledge and the life threatening and hilarious personal experiences that befell his 32 years in the service. Having retired he has continued to provide services to law enforcement as an academic lecturer, trainer of senior police officers and keynote conference speaker.

Keith provides a unique insight, humour and perspective into law enforcement that cruise audiences have found enthralling, informative and entertaining. He also has a passion for World War II history especially D-Day and Secret Agents which adds a further dimension to the range of lectures he is able to provide.​



  • Bobbies, Cops & Killers: A History of British Policing

  • Firearms & Forensics: My Life in Law Enforcement

  • Wisecracks & Cops: Amusing Tales from Law Enforcement

  • The Hunt for the Killer Raoul Moat

  • Watching the Detectives: Cops on TV


Additional Lectures include:

  • Amazing Tales from WWII

  • Band of Brothers Legacy - The WWII Story of Easy Company 101st Airborne

  • Major Howard's Boys – D-Day at Pegasus Bridge

  • Deceiving Deutschland - Double Agents in World War II



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