Most of my working life has been spent in marketing and research: being an economist and statistician by training. However, I do have other interests!

Following university I worked for two major London advertising agencies, then for Mars and BAT both in senior research roles. During this time I worked &/or lived in, over twenty-five different countries.; concentrating particularly on those in the Middle East.

In my mid thirties I founded my own marketing and research company in the U.K., which was later joined by a sister company in Barbados which covered the Caribbean and central America.

During this time, and up until recently. I was also a visiting lecturer and researcher at the University of Plymouth Business School.

I have always had an interest in the theatre and have written (and have had performed!) three full-length plays, and two shorter plays which premièred at the Edinburgh Festival.

One of these plays ('The Wildest Affair') forms the basis of one of my lectures: 'The Death of Viscount Drumlanrig'.

I am a member of the 'Sherlock Holmes Society' and two of my lectures look at the origins of Sherlock Holmes and his, seemingly indestructible, appeal.

Another of my interests is the flowering of different artistic movements in the last two-hundred years: why they occurred and what characterised them? And as part of this interest, I am currently (albeit slowly!) studying for a completion of a degree in fine arts.

I am a keen cruiser, having travelled widely: and have just returned from South Africa.

I very much look forward to contributing to your next cruise.


John's Lecture Programmes:


Programme 1: Four lectures each of up to 60 minutes.
'The Victorian Interest in Crime and the Creation of Sherlock Holmes'
Lecture A: The Victorian Interest in Murder.
Lecture B: How Arthur (later Sir Arthur)Conan Doyle Came to Create Sherlock Holmes'
Lecture C: The Death of Viscount Drumlanrig – a suicide, an accident or a Government Conspiracy?
Lecture D: An Introduction to Sherlock Holmes - in all his guises.

Programme 2: Two Lectures each of up to 60 minutes
'The Emergence of Artistic Movements in the Nineteenth and Twentieth centuries : from J. W. Turner to Roy Lichtenstein'
Lecture A: From Romanticism to Art Nouveau
Lecture B: Art Deco to Pop Art

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