JOE ROYLE    Retired Police Chief Superintendent

Having graduated with a degree in Psychology from Sheffield University, I started my police career as a Constable in South Yorkshire, and retired a mere 30 years later as a Chief Superintendent in the Metropolitan Police.


During my time in South Yorkshire, I


·         policed the NUM Miners’ Strike (1984 - 1985).

·         worked in the Red Light district of Sheffield.

·         dealt with Football Hooliganism; Environmental Protests; and Animal Liberation Activists.

·         worked with Drugs Squad, and Special Branch.

·         provided national advice and support regarding direct action protests.

·         liaised with UK Police Forces; the Prison Service; Government; the Judiciary; Sheriff’s Officers; and Private Agencies.

·         Implemented a multi-million pound communications and IT programme.


During my time with The Metropolitan Police, I


·         was the Borough Commander for Sutton and then Wandsworth.

·         became the operational lead for over 2,000 surface transport police officers and staff with responsibility for partnership working with Transport for London; the Mayor’s Office; British Transport Police; City of London Police; UK Border Agency; & Others in order to keep the capital moving safely during periods of heightened security and threat.

·         implemented international coach travel operations at Victoria Coach Station, deploying surveillance; sensitive intelligence; data gathering systems; and appropriate technology, to stop illegal activity at that point of entry into the UK.

·         policed a number of high profile events including Notting Hill Carnival; New Year’s Eve; a Papal Visit; and a Royal Wedding, to name but a few.


Since retiring, I fully manage a number of residential buy-to-let properties; have given police presentations in Abu Dhabi, and to senior Asian officers; and take people on escorted rail tours across Europe.


I hope to entertain passengers by sharing interesting, and amusing anecdotes; tales of ‘daring do’ familiar to all police officers; and highlight some of the scrapes I’ve had along the way.




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