Jerry Pearlman is a solicitor with a difference! Although based in the provinces his work has included many cases and engagements of national and international importance. He tells the stories of some of his experiences in a lively and humorous way but explaining some fascinating aspects of law and history in an informative manner:-

‘Jerry has acted for tribal kings and governments and as an environmentalist has searched the depths of English history to bring some cases to courts and tribunals. He has a background of rambling and of National Parks [he was a member of the Yorkshire Dales National Park Authority for 18 years and eventually Deputy Chairman]. He even took one major footpath case to the House of Lords – successfully!

Professionally he has been the President of his local Law Society, and a member of the Solicitors Complaints Bureau.

He was awarded the M.B.E. for his services to the Ramblers Association





  • Some Environmental Legal Nutcases. (Humour)


  • The fight for the Right to Roamand what it now means for you: Locating the right to Roam


  • Public Rights of Way explained: The paths of right-eousness


  • Our National Parks: the Jewels in the Crown


  • Come to my Coronation : a look at an African Kingdom


  • The death of the Common Attorney - Personal Experiences Showing the Changes in the Legal Profession


  • Protection: a shield or a sword? Law & The Environment, From Planning Permission to Listed Buildings & Badgers


  • Some Environmental Legal Nutcases


The story of three unusual individuals who used the law and history to secure environmental victories.


  •   Locating the Right to Roam

The story for the fight for the Right to Roam, reference to the mass trespasses of the         1930s   and a resume of how the legislation was placed on the statute book and    explaining it. I actually drafted      the initial legislation.

  • The paths of right-eousness

            History, law and explanations of our rights of way network

  •   Jewels in the Crown

            The history, and legal and policy issues about our National Parks with a passing glance at each of them.

  •   Come to my coronation


The story of my involvement in the battle for land in Uganda just before Independence with an explanation of the tribal history and subsequently attending the coronation of the new king.


  • The Death of the Common Attorney

This compares the old way of practicing law and how it is working today illustrated by storiesof some of the more interesting cases in which I have been involved.

  •  Commons and village greens

    The story of these interesting and much misunderstood areas of the English and Welsh countryside and their special status.   


  • The Jewish Contribution to the English Countryside.

    The Title raises a smile but the contents and the people identified are a real and pleasing surprise




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