I was born and brought up in Liverpool, although, like many others, moved to London when I graduated, to find work.   I am still based in London, although have spent some time in Manchester and the Republic of Ireland.


For the last twenty years I have worked as a self-employed psychotherapist, and lecturer/examiner.   I became involved in teaching French to primary school students when I first graduated from University, but decided that working with children was not for me.   I later moved into adult education, teaching business and management skills to charity volunteers and, after training as a counsellor/psychotherapist became a tutor, examiner and external verifier in this field.  


I first discovered Plato as a teenager, and read many of his works at that stage.   I went on to study Philosophy at Liverpool University, where I was able to develop this interest.   Even today, my first stop in Athens is always a walk in his footsteps through the Ancient Agora.


More latterly I returned to University to study for a Master’s Degree in Christian Spirituality, with a particular emphasis on how the works of Plato (c428-c348 BC) were very similar to some later Christian spiritual accounts.   I have also had a long-term interest in ancient history, the development of man as a social animal, and early civilisations.   A further interest is the early history of Christianity in Britain, and the early conflicts between the Celtic and Roman strands of Christian thinking.


I am a wife (to Paul Gormley) a mother and grandmother




  • Great Greek Philosophers – Socrates, Plato and Aristotle.   An overview of their writing and their importance.

  • The First Democracy – The history of the ancient Greeks, leading to the development of democracy; similarities and differences with our modern conception of democracy;

  • Pharaohs of Egypt – An overview of the Pharaonic era.

  • From cave to community – Early civilisations and how they developed into the society we have today;

  • Early civilisations in the Americas – a look at societies which have left us impressive monuments, but no written histories;

  • Development of Christianity in Britain – The early history of the Christian church in Britain, from its beginnings to the struggle between the Celtic and Roman strands of Christian teaching – 33-664AD;

  • Troy – Fact or fiction?   A look at the Iliad and the Odyssey, and the myths which surround the history of Troy;

  • The Vikings in Britain – the good, the bad and the ugly.

  • Norse Myths and Legends – the beliefs of the Norse people and their legacy.   Similarities and differences with other cultures

  • The Celts – a history of the Celts and their culture – where they came from, their history and their contribution to today’s world;

  • Istanbul – a city between two continents.   History and development

  • The Suffragettes – Votes for women!

  • The Roman Empire – an overview of the history of Ancient Rome.

  • The Tudor Monarchs – England’s Golden Age?

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