Detective Chief Inspector (Rtd) David Marshall QPM MSc 


Dave retired from the Metropolitan Police in 2010 as a Detective Chief Inspector with over 30 years police service, the majority of which was as a career detective. He has experienced many facets of serious crime and been involved in many fascinating inquiries with postings on Specialist Units including the International and Organised Crime Branch and the Organised Crime Group.

He has spoken on his work at a number of conferences, seminars and courses nationally and internationally.


In 1999 he was admitted to the degree of Master of Science in Forensic and Legal Psychology by the Faculty of Medicine and Biological Sciences, University of Leicester.

On leaving the police he became director of Dave Marshall Consultancy Ltd providing experience based support, training and advice in the areas of safeguarding, investigation and management. He has been published by Oxford University Press.

In 2010 he was awarded the Queen's Police Medal for distinguished police service.




  • My career as a Scotland Yard detective.


  • ‘What makes a serial killer?’ A look at the backgrounds and psychological traits of serial killers based on material from a literature review dissertation I completed for my MSc in Forensic and Legal Psychology from the University of Leicester. Includes material from UK/USA/Canada.


  • ‘SO 1(1) – The International and Organised Crime Branch New Scotland Yard’ – work on this specialist unit including investigations relating to Jack the Ripper, Jimi Hendrix, blackmail, murders and a prison escape.


  • ‘On scene and dealing -The Low Bay murders Barbuda’ – investigation into the deaths of four people on a yacht in 1994. Whilst in Antigua in relation to attending court proceedings for the murder of the Comptroller of Customs we had investigated in 1993 and staying in the same hotel as the English cricket team who were playing the West Indies we were called upon to investigate a second murder.


  • Royal Canadian Mounties, a helicopter and a British registered ship off Newfoundland - an International crime inquiry


  • Real life Cluedo - The role of the senior investigating officer in a homicide investigation







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