20 years experience in the music industry


A plethora of knowledge awaits you as Danielle offers you her wealth of experience from her 20 years of being in the music industry. Danielle has the unique advantage of being able to have seen the industry from both sides of the stage, as she is currently the lead singer for the world famous number 1 chart act Urban Cookie Collective who had a big hit with The Key The Secret in 1993 - and she has fronted the act for 15 years. She has also managed and released 2 top 10 worldwide chart acts and is an accomplished songwriter with 20 top 40 hits under her belt and 3 major publishing deals - and as a singer herself she has had 4 major record deals. She is also a vocal coach to the up and coming stars you may well have seen on TV.As well as concentrating on the music industry, Danielle has developed and devised a world leading analogue optical guitar lead and technology that has set the whole music industry alight ... She is in the process of licensing this patent pending world leading invention.




  • Queen – Freddie's kind of Magic

    • This runs through the simple beginnings of when Queen started – I talk about the members of the band and where they started out, then go on to focus mainly on Freddie – I take you through Freddy's life, his romances, the hit singles and albums that Queen released which I demonstrate with the use of photographs and video, and finally his tragic HIV related death.

  • Michael Jackson – the king of pop

    • This talk explains about Michael's childhood and family life, his humble beginnings and his emotional trauma that faced him throughout his career. His surgery, marriages and the reason behind his wacko Jacko nickname. I use a mix of photographs and videos, to detail his hit songs and albums throughout his career. It ends with his tragic death and how his music will live on forever!

  • Whitney – life, love and loss

    • This talk begins with Whitney as a humble gospel singer and ends with her tragic death alongside the tragic death of her daughter.  Danielle uses a mix of photographs and videos, to detail her hit albums, then talks about her turbulent marriage that broke down so majorly with Bobby Brown. The lavish house that she went on to own and the countless lives that she touched.

  • Sink & Swim - Lose & WinMy White Knuckle ride through the music industry

  • The Rise and Fall of a Boyband My Rollercoaster management of a Top 10 chart act

  • The Birth if a New Technology

  • The power of a lyric - songwriting masterclass

  • TV talent shows - Win or Lose?

  • Management or Performance? The crossroad I took...

  •  Releasing a song independantly

  • Modelling and Marketing a Tribute act





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