Barnaby Howarth

 from ABC TV


  • ex AFL footballer

  • a REAL bloke telling a REAL story


When Barnaby was 14 he was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, then at 25 he was bashed in an alcohol fueled gang attack and had a stroke – despite his disappointments though, he went onto play AFL for the Sydney Swans, had 2 books published, filmed 3 documentaries, climbed Mount Kilimanjaro, and completed the Kokoda track.

Thinking he had dealt with all the bad hands life had in store pretty well, his girlfriend was then diagnosed with breast cancer. They decided the only way to attack this news was to keep living the life they were already enjoying – they got engaged, were married, and traveled the world on a 19 leg honeymoon –  the last of which they got back from less than a week before Angela joined her father in heaven.

The proudest thing Barnaby can say about his life is that he is now just a regular man on the street. He works as a professional speaker, writes a blog, hosts an annual comedy night, loved his wife, and has played 100 games for the Pennant Hills Demons AFL Club.



  • Love the life you're living and be proud of who you are right now

  • Find resilience to deal with the disappointment in your life

  • Use the science of Positive Psychology to stay happy

  • Stay committed to the tasks in front of you

  • Make the most of your opportunities

  • How sport can help you deal with a crisis




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