Rudi Licht



I studied Medical Biology at the University of Amsterdam and went on to work as a scientist for 22 years at several different national and international Institutions. I worked on a range of topics,   such as vaccines, auto-immunity, transplantation, cancer, stem cells and tissue-engineering.

As a scientist I was already passionate about Science outreach, and for the last few years I have focussed my career on this. I started as a writer for an encyclopaedia and now lecture at schools and universities. I also lecture for pensioners, at the Higher-Education-For-Elderly institutes of Rotterdam and Tilburg University. And I am hoping to expand these types of lectures to cruise passengers, as enrichment.

I lecture on general Biology: How does DNA work, where does a cell gets it’s energy, how do cells function together in tissues and where does disease start.

Also, I give advanced lectures on ageing, cancer, stem cells, biotechnology, the latest developments in Medicine and what Life actually is from a biological perspective. These lectures include many ethical and philosophical notes, and I also try to give some insights into how medical research works and how to make sense of the literature.

I enjoy discussions and stimulate the asking of questions. I lecture both in Dutch and English.





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