Charlie Dalton



  • Personal effectiveness (on personal, team and corporate levels)

  • Finance and Economics


Charlie's background is in both finance (KPMG trained) and tertiary education.  He has been a self employed lecturer for the last 12 years. He has delivered numerous after dinner speeches, cruise and  conference lectures, seminars and training courses across the world (UK, Czech Republic, China, Mauritius, Australia, Malawi, Malaysia, New Zealand). He has informed and entertained widely differing groups.


 His great strength is to deliver lectures in an interesting and entertaining manner which are tailored to his audience.



  • How to deal with difficult people and come away smiling

  • How to manage your time for a better life

  • How to win friends and influence people

  • How to persuade and negotiate for a better deal

  • How to solve problems and make decisions


  • Brave New World – the future of work

  • Brave New World – the future of the home

  • The Great Depression – “why can’t you give my dad a job?”

  • Corporate scandals – the stories of the men behind the headlines.


Charlie has recently lectured with Princess Cruises with very favourable feedback from passengers.



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