Since retirement, much of my time is now spent in Outreach activities with the Hampshire Astronomical Group, leading public and private visits to the Observatory. I give talks to Group members and outside societies and act as mentor to Portsmouth University mathematics students undertaking third year solar projects

 I am interested in many topics of Astronomy, the Sun in particular: how the Sun’s energy is generated, the magnetic field, sunspots and prominences. Related to the Sun is the topic of Aurorae: how they are generated and the beautiful colours produced.  I look at the Solar System with its planets and moons, a closer look at our own Moon andan imaginary journey out through the Solar System to the edge of the Milky Way.

Another area of interest is famous astronomers in history: Galileo, Copernicus, Newton, their ground-breaking discoveriesand setting their work in the context of the times in which they lived.




The Spectacle of the Aurora (in preparation)

This looks at how aurorae are generated by the solar wind, flares and coronal mass ejections.  It is illustrated with images and movies from satellite such as the Solar Dynamics Observatory.


The Sun – Our Neighbourhood Star

This contains a brief history of the discovery of the mechanism by which the Sun shines, its main features and how it affects us on Earth and in near space.


A Journey to the Stars

An Imaginary journey out through the Solar System to the edge of our Milky Way galaxy.


The Solar System

This considers the formation of the Solar System and the main features of the planets.

The Moon


This looks at the formation of the Moon, its feature, its effect on the Earth and a brief history of the Apollo Moon landings.


Astrobiology (in preparation)

This will identify those factors necessary for the development of life and possible habitats for life within the solar system

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