My career has been spent in the Maritime Industry. After a Public School education I went to sea as a Deck Apprentice. I received my first command aboard a foreign-going ship when aged twenty-nine. My sea going experience was almost exclusively aboard liners.

The Passenger liners to which I was appointed were additionally engaged in cruising. Working ashore I was employed as European Marine Manager for United States Lines. I also worked in the salvage industry. As salvage master with full charge and responsibility, and in very difficult circumstances, I successfully salved a laden tanker of 140,000 tonnes.

Had the outcome not been a total success, there was the potential for the world's fifth/sixth largest ever oil spill. For about ten years I was the Principal lecturer in Maritime Operations and Law at a leading UK university. In that capacity I introduced and delivered a degree course in "The Cruise Industry".



 Whenever appropriate presentations are adapted to fit in with the particular cruise, its Ports of Call/Cruising Location/Theme.



1.  Explanation of "Maritime Things" on/about/seen from our Ship.

2.  Renowned/Infamous Ships. (Clarifications on well-known subjects).

3.  Ships that made English Law. (Murder, contract, EU Sovereignty, etc..).

4.  Safety: Piracy Today (costs, precautions, BMP2 etc.). Security, AIS, ISPS, SMC, IMO etc..

5.  Salvage/Rescue (Actual incidents where I was in charge as the Salvage Master.).

6.  Developments in the Cruise Industry. (Azipods, Booze Cruises, Construction, etc..).

7.  Lord Nelson, (Why so loved, his man-management techniques, Nelson Touch, women, battles etc..).

8.  OCEAN PASSAGE CRUISE APPROPRIATE. Ocean Winds, Waves, Currents/Streams.

9.  OCEAN PASSAGE CRUISE APPROPRIATE. Oceanography.("Things" under our ship.).

10. SEMI-TECHNICAL. Is she a Tramp? (Ship types, their cargo).  Ship Finasnce and Costs.


"B" EXPLORERS. (Passage/Destination Appropriate).

1.  VIKINGS. (Swedes - Baltic/Russia/Volga/Dneipre,"Rus")  Norwegian - North Atlantic, Iceland, Greenland, N America).

2.  Portuguese, Spanish (South & Central America, India, Pacific)

3.  English, Dutch, french. (Cook, Tasman, Laperouse, etc..).



1.  Women who Ruled Empires. (Wu, Catherine the Great, Maria Theresa, Cleopatra.)

2.  Trojan War, Golden Fleece, Aeneas. (Causes and consequences of those events). Greek gods.

3.  SEMI-TECHNICAL. Dante, Machiavelli, Caravaggio (Their lives and works). Chinese and Russian History.


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