Brian Monaghan a retired detective from Liverpool, Merseyside Police, Regional Crime Squad Dedicated Drugs Unit and National Crime Squad, UN to EU Police and Civilian Police Investigative Trainer, with nearly four decades of experience and service in policing.

Specialist Operations deployed in the Force Drug Squad, Criminal Intelligence Unit, Stolen Vehicle Squad and Fraud Squad conducting covert operations when investigating serious and complex crime, drug importation, multi million pound car ringing operations and fraud cartels. For this work he received Chief Constable and Judges Commendations for his and his colleague’s investigative skills.

Seconded to the Regional Crime Squads - Drugs Wing and the National Crime Squad where he investigated organised Crime both nationally and internationally, using covert techniques and Source management. With colleagues investigated; 'Gangland killings' in a warfare that troubled the streets of Liverpool in the pursuit of the control of drugs, counterfeit money, licensed premises and sex workers.

Deployed to Bosnia Herzegovina for the UK Police on a UN and EU policing mission following the Balkan War where he investigated Political assassinations, War Crimes, people trafficking and became a Chief Co Locator advising a Chief of Police and a Ministry in a Bosnian city. Received both UN and EU Policing medals and commended by the UN High Commissioner.

Employed for the past six years as a Civilian Police 'Investigative Trainer' for Merseyside Police Academy.


  • 'Why me' – On the front line of a riot

  • 'Restoration Mandate' – Restoring a Society - Post War Balkans

  • 'A Vision' - Working under a UN Mandate - Bosnia the State

  • 'War Hero to a Deceased' – Investigating Political Assassinations in the Balkans

  • 'To catch a Fraudster' – Protect your family from Fraud

  • 'Protecting the Queens Note' – History of Counterfeit Notes

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