We have approximately 100 carefully selected Associates with vast experience from varied careers:

  • Aviation

  • Police

  • Business

  • Journalism

  • Theatre

  • Toastmasters

  • Entertainment

  • Professional Presenters


Lecturers present across a wide spectrum of topics:

  • Arts

  • Aviation

  • Astronomy

  • Earth Sciences (Oceanography & Meteorology)

  • Countryside

  • Health & Wellbeing

  • Horticulture, House and Gardens

  • Light Entertainment

  • Naval & Military History

  • Photography

  • Policing & Criminology

  • Royalty, Etiquette & Protocol





Entertaining Quality Lectures for International Cruising



Our associates can tailor their presentations to fit with the destinations being visited.


Over the past year in excess of 100 associates have cruised with many leading British and American companies to these destinations:

  • The Amazon

  • Around Britain

  • Arctic Circle

  • Baltic

  • Black Sea

  • Iceland

  • Indian Ocean

  • Mediterranean

  • Norway

  • Orient, Panama & Suez canals

  • West Indies

  • Russia

  • Scandinavia

  • South Africa

  • South America and repositioning cruises to and from the USA 


We can offer associates for a single assignment as well as meeting​ requirements for a whole season's cruising.






The Cruise Lecturers Association was established in 2011 to provide a professional body of experienced, quality, entertaining Enrichment and Destination Lecturers for the international Cruise industry.

All our Associates have the ability to communicate in an​ interesting and entertaining manner knowledge they have spent a lifetime ​acquiring.​

Our partner organisation is the 


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